Rast doubled & dolled up!

rsz dsc 0929 753145
rsz dsc 0929 753145

Materials: Rast, ikea material & paint

Description: I’ve been looking for a bedside table/bookcase for my little boys room that they share. I wanted something fun & unique to match the decor, so i got hacking!!

I got two Ikea RAST turned one upside down, drilled 8 holes (two on the bottom of each side of the legs that are going together) & glued 2 dowels on each side into the holes. I then doubled the rast up & they’re held in place with ‘no more nails’ glue & the dowels – they’re very sturdy.

rsz dsc 0922 745084
rsz dsc 0925 747422
rsz dsc 0930 751179
rsz dsc 0928 755093

Next I painted them white & the shelves orange & I tacked a piece of Ikea material to the back, to match the decor & so things wouldn’t fall off the back of the shelf.

I love the outcome, it’s unique & fun & it matches the room perfectly! Most of all the boys love it!

~ Peita

Jules Yap