A Norden kitchen island

Materials: One Norden item and some Franklin chairs

Description: I was looking for an island in my kitchen which is not separate from the living room.

As I’m not a billionaire, was searching a cheap solution…
As I already have a Norden item from Ikea, the size of it was too small for me, and I wanted it to be able to sit 6 to 8 persons. I also thought it would look better if it was closed at the back.

So, I just removed the top of the Norden table which was 42×188 cm and found a bigger countertop which was 90x200cm.

Then, I closed the two sides and the back of the item with white panels, and added a foot for added stability.

I use then with some Franklin mid sized chairs (63cm high)
Et voila!

~ Jean fi, France