Darth Vader floor lamp and other stuff

Materials: TROGSTA Floor lamp, HEMMA Floor lamp base, solvent printed adhesive foil, acrylic laser cut elements

Description:I’ve two simple Ikea hacks.

First is a Darth Vader lamp. I use Trogsta floor lamp (around 10$) and solvent printed adhesive foil with gray glue for more dark effect. I stuck the foil on the shade and that’s all. 5 mins later I’ve got a brand new floor lamp.

Second one was little more complicated. This time I used the Hemma floor lamp base (around $12). I cut out 8. acrylic shapes with floral decals and 3. circles with cut flush. Rest was easy as ABC, just piece of my puzzles. Two circles (top and bottom) as base and rest just slide into cut out slot. Last one (black) added just for decor.

All prices are rounded to full cost because Ikea stuff was bought in Poland and I don’t know today exchange rates.

~ Przemek, Olsztyn, Warmia / Poland