Hacker help: TYLÖSAND sofa head rest

Materials: TYLÖSAND sofa

Dear IKEAhackers,
Once my boyfriend and I were living on our new rented flat and the first time we sat on the ikea TYLÖSAND sofa (it’s included on the apartment and we can’t swap it) to watch a film we knew we have a problem because the sofa is placed on the middle of the living room with no wall behind it and it’s not possible to rest the head unless you are practically lying down.

This problem becomes worst because my boyfriend is quite tall and also he has backache frequently, so we are been thinking about it for a month. What can we done in order to transform the TYLÖSAND sofa on a more ergonomic sofa?

Our first idea was to find or to order a new and bigger cushions but after we think cushions are very soft to rest the head and they will bend back as there is nothing hard holding them.

Now I’m thinking about to order a metal tube structure which can be placed between the original structure and the original cushions, but I don’t have idea about how to do that, so, would you mind to help us to fix it? I miss the TV Sunday afternoons 🙁

Many many thanks in advance for your time and your help.

Best regards,

~ ana, Madrid, Spain