Ikea Lack Side Tables Turned Ottomans

Materials: 2 Ikea Lack Side Tables, 2 Yards Ikea Sofia Fabric, Batting, Foam Camping Carpet Pad from Home Depot, Spray Adhesive, Staple Gun, Hacksaw, Scotch Guard, and scissors of course!

Description: I made these inexpensive custom ottomans for my mom for Christmas to make her Ektorp sofa more comfortable for multiple people because although its great for one person, but add another and it’s not quite as comfortable. It’s difficult to really stretch out and relax. So ottomans were the perfect solution. Its not the most original Ikea hack, but effective and simple none the less, and I think they came out quite lovely! Not only do ottomans provide a place to put up your feet, but they also function together as a coffee.

First, line your table top up with your foam (I skipped expensive upholstery foam and bought a camping foam carpet pad at Home Depot) and cut along the edges with a sharp kitchen knife so that the foam is the same size as the table top.

Spray both the table top and the foam with adhesive and stick them together. Make sure the foam is on the top of the table. You’ll need the holes on the bottom free to screw in the legs.

Next, lay the top onto the batting (foam side down), pull the batting over the sides and staple the batting on starting at the center and stapling one side and then the opposite side to making sure it is evenly taut. When you get to the corners, make sure you don’t cover up the hole where the legs will screw in.

Use a hammer to make sure all staples are not sticking out and trim away the excess batting.

Cut your fabric to size and line it up so that it is centered over your foam. Staple using the same method used for the batting. To make clean clean corners, first staple down the side fabric, pull the fabric over the corner to the front, staple again, and then fold down the front and staple again. Hammer in any staples that are protruding and trim off excess fabric. I also coated them with a few coats of Scotch Guard to give them a little added protection.

If desired, cut table legs with a hack saw so that the ottomans will be even height with your sofa. You want to cut the finished end off so that you still have the hole to screw the legs on. I discovered that Home Depot wont do this for you because they are hallow and their machine might split them. But a hacksaw works great and with a little sanding, you can get them looking pretty nice and finished.

Finally, follow Ikea’s instructions to screw the legs on and you’re done! Now relax and put your feet up on your beautiful new custom ottomans.

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~ Genevieve, Newport Beach, CA