Kitty Tower

Materials: 1 EXPEDIT shelf, 1 HAMPEN black rug, 1 cardboard tube, 1 ball of rope 1 ADEMETE black cushion, 2 small toys to be suspended, screws, glue.

Description: I needed a cat tree for my kitty stop scratching everything in my apartment.

I search for a long time but all I found was horrible and very expensive cat trees.
I wanted something to fit with my design inside and I finally found THE piece of furniture that I wanted …

Its price ?
1250 € !!
Really (NOT) affordable !

So I abandoned the idea of buying one myself and turned to the solution to build one.

EXPEDIT seemed the most appropriate solution with a rug and a small cushion for comfort ….

I started by fastening the shelves shaped into stairway with small angles for convenience.

Then I cut the carpet into squares to fit on the shelves and glued them with extra strong glue.

I finally fixed the small toys on the shelves with rope.

For scratching post, I used a cardboard tube attached to the shelves with screws and wrapped it with rope that I pasted.

And the result is very satisfying and perfectly fits my inside 🙂


~ Boitam Alice, Belgium