LACK Footrest/Ottoman

Materials: Lack Table (Black), Curtains (2×2,5m), Foam, Nuts&Bolts

Description: There have been many hacks for Ikea Lack posted, but not many had the form of the ottoman that I was trying to achieve: slightly round on top, to look puffy.

You’ll need two people for this hack, as one will have to pull the material over the edges, while the other one nails it on the back.

Get foam cut 3cm over the edges of the table, so you can form the rounding at the edges. I got the foam from Hornbach in 5cm thickness, but had to put 2 layers of it.

Challenging was to fold it in the corners, so the pattern doesn’t get messy and we used here what youtube showed on how to fold canvas.

Then I made the holes in the material for the feet and got the feet cut to size (electric saw is of great help and cut all 4 at the same time, to be sure they will get same size).

The last row of decoration nails was put at 1am, which sort of excuses the lack of idea of drawing a line first, then nailing on this line to get them straight. Oh well, next time…

~ Josephine, Deutschland