The romantic Holmö

Materials: Holmö floor lamp, two types of fabric and my sewing machine

Description: I had a broken Holmö floor lamp from Ikea, the paper was torn by the kids playing and was looking awful ind my living room. I had spent months looking for at new lamp in a different design (WITHOUT paper) but simply couldn’t find one matching my furniture and style like the model of this one.

I do a lot of DIY projects in my home and use my sewing machine on a regular basis so I figured out it should be possible to recreate the shade somehow. So out in the fabric store I found myself some grey cotton and some beautiful grey lace. I went home, tore the broken paper of the two round metal pieces that were supporting the shade in top and bottom.

Measured out the fabrics and cut the two different fabrics in the same size.
Then I made a seam down the body of the shade and sewed the round metal pieces into the shade in the top and bottom.

Installed the shade back on the lamp, took a grey satin band and tied it around the top, finished it with a bow, and voila, the most beautiful lamp I have ever had 🙂 (the picture is unfortunately not shown with its satinband and bow, it makes a big difference)

~ Charlotte Mølgaard, Aarhus, Denmark