Materials: 2 Ekby Bjarnum brackets, 1 white Ekby Jarpen shelf (high gloss foil finish), circular saw or jig saw, coping saw, painters tape, round or square mirror of choice

Description: The mirror sits out from the wall just a bit (cuz the frame on back) so I had to measure inwards on the shelf.

Lay out the painters tape on the top surface of the shelf (this will allow a clean cut and prevent the finish from splintering).

Mark out with pencil on the tape your dimensions/outline of the mirror (where you’re going to cut).

Set up and clamp your straight edge onto the shelf. (this is where your saws frame will ride against for the straight cut).

If using a circular saw: you will have to do a plunge cut. (This is where you lower the saw down onto your pencil mark and into the wood.) Starting from the one end of your mark, you saw forward as normal and stop at the other end of your mark. Now you have a shelf with a straight cut through the length of it.

Take your coping saw and cut from the outside towards the edge of your previous cut. And do the same for the other side. Now you have a nice recessed groove cut out of your fancy shelve.

Remove your tape.

*Easier and safer method is to use a jig-saw. I didn’t have one at the time so I went the circular saw route. It requires more skill and patience than the jig-saw. I would recommend using the jig saw method if you have minimal wood-working skills. It’s safer as well.

**If you use the jig-saw method, drill a hole in each corner of your layout. (hole must be bigger than the width of the blade) That way, the jig-saw blade can pass through and start in the corner and make its way down the length of the shelf towards the other corner. Of course, you still use your straight edge so your jig-saws frame can follow that making a perfectly crisp and square cut.**

Now to hang the shelf and mirror, you will need another set of hands. Assemble the shelving unit without the mirror and hold it up to the wall in your preferred location. Mark with pencil through the screw holes on each bracket. Now you can put your screw anchors into the drywall. (On mine I had one stud to screw into and the other was drywall. If possible, use the studs!) No anchors needed for the stud side though – only for drywall.

Once the anchors are in, put the assembled shelving unit (without the mirror) up to the wall and screw it 1/2 to 3/4 of the way in. This will allow you to slip the mirror into place.

Use construction adhesive on the mirror instead of double sided 3m tape (I went the DS tape route and it doesn’t seem to stay too well). Have the other pair of hands put the mirror into place while you push the shelving unit into the wall. The groove you previously cut into the shelf will hold the weight of the mirror. Now hold it all, while you finishing screwing the rest of the way into the wall.

That’s it!! Let me know what you think…..


~ Craig Arges, Kamloops, BC, CANADA