Zen kitchen island

Materials: Lack Table, Fintorp bar+hook+door knobs

Description: Take 8 tables Lack (5.9 €) and pile them two by two to form a cube.

Take two patches of 110 cm * 90 cms* 1 cms medium(30 €) and screw them on two quoted of the cube.

I put a bar Fintorp (6.99 €) with 5 hooks (2.99€) on one quoted.

For the rest, cut 8 doors of medium 44 cms * 40 cms (30€).

Put doorknobs Fintorp (3.5€ 2). A door is fixed by means of two hinges.

Follow your inspiration and paint the kitchen island.

It is possible to add wooden brackets and to make additional shelves inside.

All in all, this kitchen island cost me 131 € and about fifty screws.

~ Zyl, Bretagne (France)