A hack of Trones

Materials: 3 sets of Trones-Shoe-Boxes, 2 Lack 30cm shelves, 1 Lack 110cm shelf, about 2,5m wooden latches

Description: The Trones Boxes are quite cheap but alone they aren’t exactly good looking. So I put a shelf on top of them, makes them looking like a custom-made designer-chest.

Put the boxes to the wall three in width, three in height (can be done in other patterns. Then the Lack shelves in other lengths might fit better). To be able to open the top line there has to be a gap between the boxes and the shelf. So I just attached the latches on the bottom-side of the shelves with some screws. (For a better look I placed the long shelf in the middle between the shorter ones.) Since it’s lying on top of the Trones-boxes two screws in the wall are enough to keep it in place.

~ Alex