A warmer and single sink GODMORGON

Materials: GODMORGON

Description:My idea was to make a simple, chic, not too modern cabinet for the main bathroom. I chose the IKEA GODMORGON cabinet with two drawers for its size and simplicity. The thing is, IKEA does not offer more than one option for the counter (2 built-in sinks in a glossy white counter) and it is far from what I wanted.

My first goal was to built a wood counter massive as a fireplace tablet. Because I didn’t want to use legs for the installation of the GODMORGON, I couldn’t obviously use a huge beam of wood because it would have been too heavy and too expensive for its use anyway. Plus, I had to think about the weight of the sink over the weight of the counter over the weight of the cabinet that was only fixed in the wall… I had to find a way to lighten the weight on the GODMORGON so it didn’t tear off the wall after few months! So, for the counter, to strengthen the structure, I built a base in plywood and chose a very lightweight wood to cover it. When I installed my counter, I fixed it in the reinforced wall independently from the GODMORGON cabinet. So that way, the weight is not all on the cabinet.

The second challenge was to find a way to put the sink in the center of it. I thought two sinks takes too much place and there is no more space left to spread all the things a girl need to get ready (and less for her man who needs to shave at the same time!). So that part is a tricky one because there is a division panel in the cabinet that cannot be remove. The plumbing must get around it and one row of each drawers needs to be removed so they can still close fluidly.

That IKEA hack was not an easy one because it was not made for a single centered sink on a heavy countertop but it was worth the trouble. Two years later it’s still fix on the wall that didn’t tear off and makes my proud each time I make a guided tour of my home!

~ Annie, Montreal