Arduino based data logging thermometer in a frame

Materials: RIBBA frame and some circuitry

Description: I was looking for a nice enclosure to host my latest project (an Arduino based data logging thermometer with multiple sensors) and, once again, I came to an Ikea product, a RIBBA photo frame that seems to have enough space to host my project circuitry.

My idea was to put all the circuitry inside, masking the clear glass with tracing paper to have a blurry vision of the circuit boards.

The circuit boards are “sewn” with thin wires that pass on top of the boards and are ended on the back with simple knots.

RIBBA has ended being a very convenient “project box”, giving the possibility to mask the inside in different ways, and resulting in a great way to show your projects!

More info and details can be found on the project page.

~ John_J