Bathroom vanity hack: Optical illusion with secret storage space


Materials: Akurum kitchen cabinets, Nexus doors, Bastig knobs

Description: We turned our powder room into a full bath by adding a shower. Since our room is only about 6×6.5 ft, we had to get creative when it came time to build a vanity.

1. I wanted the vanity to have BIG impact to off-set the new shower. I wanted you to not really notice the shower that much.

2. I needed clearance for the toilet.

3. I wanted storage in my small space. Lots of storage.

To create a big impact I wanted the vanity to span the entire wall, but I knew that with the clearance issues for the toilet, I could not make it very deep.

Our solution was to use two AKURUM wall cabinets, which are 12 inches deep. We went with the ones that are 24 inches tall.

We chose a vessel sink that would over hang the cabinets for a more modern look.

After hanging the first cabinet for the sink, we needed the second cabinet to be much less deep. I measured a toilet roll and settled on a 6 inch depth for this cabinet.

The cabinet was cut all the way around and we attached the back to the more shallow cabinet before hanging it.

The table top we made out of 3/4 solid oak flooring with 1×2 oak trim. Then I stained it (4 layers) of ebony stain, then gave it three coats of satin poly.

You can read more about our powder room turned full bath here.

~ Katja @ Shift Ctrl ART, California