Hemnes add on unit transformed into console

Materials: Hemnes desktop + cherry boards + cherry legs

Description: 1. Purchased 3 Hemnes desktop pieces in white. (The have to be Hemnes because those pieces are wood and you need to be able to paint the pieces.)
2. Purchased unfinished table legs in cherry wood from an online vendor (Adams Wood Products).
3. Purchased two unfinished boards from a local hardwood store and measured the needed dimensions to cut the boards.
4. Laminated the boards together using wood glue and then clamped them to hold until dry. Measured again and then cut the laminated boards to fit on top of the Hemnes desktops.

5. Built a makeshift router bit to create a pretty edge on the table top (this took trial and error on other pieces of wood to get it right).

6. Belt sanded the laminated top and hand sanded the table legs.
7. Routed the table top.
8. More sanding to finish.
9. Stained the table top and legs using stain we had from other projects.

10. Put a coat of urethane on the table top and legs.
11. Sanded using fine grit (220) sandpaper.
12. Put another coat of urethane on the table top and legs.
13. Bolted the 3 Hemnes desktops together.

14. Obtained a pint of paint which was matched to the desktops by Home Depot.
15. Painted the trim pieces which we had left over from other projects.
16. Glued the legs to the bottom of the bolted together desktops, waited for it to dry and turned the whole thing back over.
17. Set the table top on and nailed the trim pieces to the top, under the table top, bottom all the way around and two pieces down the sides of the center desktop to make it look more like one piece.

~ Terri Sanne