Pax Wardrobe: Inserted and Kompleted

Materials: PAX wardrobe frame(s), Komplement shelf insert (tall), saw, tape measure

Description: I wanted to have more order to my new wardrobe, which actually served as a closet for the central vacuum cleaner hose. The hose did not fill the whole space of the frame. How to take the space left in good use?

I figured that could use the inserts, designed for 35 cm deep frame but gave me the solution also for 58cm deep frame. Yes! So I took the shelf insert, and cut it to suitable length. Now there is well used storage space for example light bulbs and other home goods. Now I only have to buy more Skubb-boxes and enjoy my orderliness.

1. Measure the height you need.
2. Draw the mark to the long part of the shelf unit. Remember to cut from the upper end.
3. Cut it with saw.
4. Assemble as instructed.

More pictures here.

~ Johanna, Finland

Jules Yap