Rubrik Cabinet Door Storage Solution

Materials: Rubrik glass cabinet door, Akurum wall cabinet frame, Besta media cabinet

Description: I found these Rubrik glass cabinet doors on clearance at Ikea for $5 each, while in the midst of a basement renovation. We were looking to add built in storage as well as hide an ugly gas meter, and these doors were perfect. They were 39″, so they could only be used as wall cabinets. We ended up hanging 4 30×39″ Akurum wall cabinet frames 1″ off the floor against the back of the room.

The cabinet tops themselves were not meant to be seen, so we created a waterfall counter by joining a 1″ x 12″ piece of pine board (which is actually 11 1/4″) with a 1″ x 3″ (which is actually 2 3/4″), by screwing the pieces together from the back with decking screws, thus enabling the counter to reach the depth of 13″ of the Akurum frame and Rubrik door. This allowed for a slight overhang, and then we screwed the same things into the side of the cabinets. Before attaching the counter I stained it with Minwax Kona stain, and then sealed it with Minwax Paste Finishing Wax, to make the counter water-proof.

Hiding the gas meter was a bit trickier, and was accomplished by our contractor, who complained and threatened to charge us double the quote for the labor, but in the end he even agreed that it came out very nicely. He hung one Akurum 36″ x 39″ frame and built a wood frame around the gas meter next to it. He then sheet-rocked in the frames, and hung the doors. He had to use sheetrock rather than just hanging the cabinets because of the size of the gas meter. Beneath it we hung a Besta media cabinet.

~ Michelle Servary