The frame hanger

Materials: Nyttja white frame 13×18, Lindsdal knob (or others)

Description: I had 2 new frames (bought here in Italy just 3 euros/2 pieces) and 2 knobs (taken years ago from old wardrobes).

One day I thought it was time to transform creatively these items into something useful and nice…. here you can see the result.


1) drill at the middle of one side of the frame

2) sand the frame until it gets an old, used look, by using different qualities of sandpaper

3) screw the chosen knob; since the screw is created for the thickness of a wardrobe door, it will result longer: to fasten it to the frame, you should add one or more washers between

4) then put a picture in, or better realize something with a retro-taste by choosing images on magazines (it’s cheap and creative!)

5) that’s it! now you can hang by the wall your frame, and use it to hang neck-laces, bracelets, small scarfs or whatever you like!

~ serena, Milan, Italy