VH-YES Coffee Table (‘LACK’ing no more)

Materials: LACK Coffee Table, VHS Collection, Bit of Wood and Paint, Glass

Description: For my new offices (I’m a filmmaker), I wanted a coffee table that would be a talking point and I also wanted to do something with my (possibly quite valuable) VHS collection rather than allowing it to gather dust (which it has been doing for about 6 years).

So with a little help from my crafty girlfriend, we took a coffee table that was ready for the charity shop (if not the tip) and turned it into the envy of all my filmmaker friends.

It just involved painting the top, sticking some appropriately sized bits of wood to the edges, arranging the VHS tapes and ordering a piece of glass for the top.


See if you can name all the films from the photos included. 🙂

~ Ed Cartledge, United Kingdom