9€ IKEA Verner Panton Flowerpot

Materials: IKEA blanda blank diameter 12 cm and 20 cm

Description: How to create a lamp that looks like the Verner Panton Flowerpot using 2 IKEA Blanda bowls:

– Drill a 10 mm hole in the centre of a 20 cm IKEA blanda blank bowl
– Mount a light bulb socket.
– Create some structure that will keep the 12 cm bowl. Use whatever you have lying around for this task. I used an old biscuit can that I cut up and made the hooks. These hooks are glued in place, 3 in the 12 cm bowl and 3 in the 20 cm bowl. This system allows you to change the light bulb.

In the present form, the lamp does not let out a lot of light. The inside of the bowls can be painted white to improve this.

Thanks for reading and happy hacking 😉

~ Jacob Lawaetz, Denmark