A stencilled Lack coffee table

Materials: Stencils, paint, primer

Description: Michael’s stencils and a weekend of patience.
Step 1, tape out paint area, I did a wide border. Measure and double check lines. It must remain straight
Step 2, paint 2 coats of primer and let dry for around 2 hours

Step 3, use stencil (read Martha Stewart’s tips, and practice before you paint table) and paint sponge. A brush will not work. This part is what takes forever. Do the main areas, let dry, and fill in gaps as areas dry.
Step 4, remove tape around edges. I had to go over the lines with a wet rag, as there was some primer bleed. This was pretty easy.
Step 5, about 3-4 layers of protective lacquer, otherwise all this work will scratch and chip
Then let it cure for about a week.

~ Kate, Vancouver