Fairy princess treehouse: KURA Bunk Beds with STUVA storage

Materials: 2 Kura beds, 3 Stuva drawers 60×35.

Description: Needed bunk beds for my twin daughters but already had a Kura bed that my son had been using. Decided to buy another Kura bed second hand and essentially used one complete and the base of another. In order to add storage, raised the height of base bed to accommodate 3 Stuva drawers that provide good deep storage. Both sections are fixed together with 6 coach bolts.

Both my daughters struggled with the built in stair so made a new ladder from wood taken from the ‘help yourself bin’ outside IKEA.

My wife added some wall stickers we bought from next.

We are calling it their fairy princess tree house.

~ Chris Kennedy, Innerleithen Scotland