Grundtal Hanger Airport Extreme Mount

Materials: 4 Grundtal Hangers, Ikea item no. 300.612.47, Drill and bit for wall anchors, Screwdriver, 5 tacks, Template (posted in this link), Spirit Level, Fasteners (wall anchors) for the Grundtal hangers

Description: I looked for retail mounts, but I had a real problem with spending $40-$50 for the available plastic mounts. However, the Grundtal hangers 300.612.47, that I had installed on the inside of the coat closet looked ideal for my purpose.

They looked great and fit perfectly in the channel around the Airport Extreme. The Grundtal hangers also allowed space behind the router for wires and airflow.

Place the template on the wall. Allow for room from the to let router slide into the mount. Place a tack only in the center. (download template here.)

Use the spirit level to straighten the template on the wall.

When level place a tacks in the center of each of the four circles in your template.

Remove tacks and template from wall.
Use the four tack holes from step two to locate where to drill the holes for the fasteners.

Install Grundtal Hangers.

Wire up router and Slide it in position.

All done.

See more of the Grundtal Airport Extreme mount.

~ David Goodier, Maryland, USA