Hemnes Beautified Barnboard Coffee Table

Materials: Hemnes Square Grey Brown Coffee Table

Description: I loved the size and shape of my Hemnes Coffee Table but thought it needed to be beautified just a bit.

I began by painting the base of this coffee table in Anne Sloans Chalkpaint in French Linen and then sanding with a fine sand paper.

I then cut 5 lengths of 1″(d) x 7.25″(h) pine planks to 36″(l). I hit them with a hammer, crow bar and heavy chains to give them a worn appearance. I then sanded these with a heavy sandpaper to make sure it was smooth & the edges were not sharp.

I began the process by staining the wood with a steel wool and vinegar mixture, this gave the wood a nice aged patina. I then watered down BM Texas Leather to a milky consistency and applied evenly. Then, it was onto my light gray layers.

First I watered down ASCP in French Linen(base color) and applied unevenly, then I filled in the gaps with BM Revere Pewter(watered down). I let dry for a few hours in a cool, dry place and then sanded aggressively and unevenly, letting each plank maintain some originality.

I then adhered it to a mdf base(subfloor) measuring 35 x 35(slightly smaller),from bottom of subfloor. I then flipped it back over planks side up and nailed decorative nails to the top, leaving the pre-drilled holes empty at each corner. I laid the barnboard top over the Hemnes base and adhered it with long roofing nails at each corner.
To finish this top, I used ASCP clear wax to preserve the look.

I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out, it is perfect statement piece for the room.

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~ Jennifer, New York

Jules Yap