Horizontal vent hood, wine rack / bookshelf mash up

Materials: AKURUM horizontal, PERFEKT wine shelf and Broan PM250

1. Assemble the “box” of the horizontal cabinet.
2. Flip over and apply the Broan PM250 template to bottom of cabinet.
3. Since cabinet is shallow, favor the front edge with your template, about 1/2″ from the front.
4. Center your template left/right and trace.
5. Drill pilot hole in template and using a jig saw cut out template, careful with pressure alone the front edge.
6. Screw and mount the Broan PM250 to bottom of cabinet.
7. Measure the distance between the 7″ duct pipe and the side of cabinet (to gather your wine rack / book shelf sizes) – important to note the wall mounting brackets and hinges will require space, account for their allowance and note shelf widths.

8. Time to build the boxes… Open up the PERFEKT wine shelf, note the box measurements from measuring off the duct work and allowance for mounting bracket / hinges
9. On wine rack, make sure you align the divider to be centered within the box you are building (this requires adjustment as the standard placement is not centered in your new boxes)
10. Assemble wine box and cook book box
11. Apply metal tape to the boxes to ensure no discoloration due to proximity to ducting
12. Install hinges and tight so they are at heaviest setting, also make sure to install wall mounting brackets
13. Mount boxes to horizontal cabinet using 1 x 3 studs and screws, measure and align so they are symmetrical
14. Install some air conditioner window foam to prevent future vibrations due to vent
15. Cut out 7″ hole in back panel and also cut out the 7″ hole in your wall where exhaust will connect to.
16. Carefully measure and template exact location of boxes and apply template to ABSTRAKT high gloss white panel
17. Measure again
18. Measure 3 more times
19. Using the same method as the bottom vent hood cut out, flip ABSTRAKT panel over and drill pilot hole (make sure pilot hole is at least 1″ from intended cutout line, the hole will “explode” on the finished side of the panel) – have faith in your jig saw, don’t worry too much on being absolutely accurate on your cut outs
20. Mount your panel to the horizontal cabinet and test for cut out accuracy.
21. Go to Home Depot or Lowes and purchase 1/2″ aluminum corner mold for ~$9.00
22. Measure your openings (measure 3 more times) and miter cut the aluminum with chop saw, no special blade needed.
23. Drill pilot holes into the aluminum, then lightly use a larger drill bit to achieve counter-sink screws
24. Apply liquid nails glue and align and screw aluminum to your openings. This will hide any imperfections you made during your jig saw cut outs.
25. Reattach panel and have a friend help you attach the box to the wall, since mounting brackets are difficult to access, all bolts must be attached before mounting to wall and then the box must be held on an angle and slid down the rail.
26. Use a socket wrench to tighten bolts.

~ Nick A., Boston, MA