Kura Princess Bed

Materials: Kura bed, Tounge and Groove Cladding, Decorative mouldings, MDF, Joist Hangers

Description: Daughter wanted a princess bed so after seeing some other Kura hack, the “Geek with power tools” thought lets go.

Got the bed frame off eBay and then proceeded as follows :

!!SAND EVERYTHING before you build it.!!

#1 Build the frame with only the 3 NON ladder corners.

#2 Take the two bed lengths post and fix in place where the ladder would go. These act as the ladder and support for the floating side of the bed.

#3 Measure and fix 6 joist hangers on the wall where the long side will sit, and 4 for the head end of the bed.

#4 Lift the bed onto the joist hangers and tweak your levels.

#5 connect the post now sticking into the air with 45mm / 45mm timbers.

#6 Construct the roof by adding 45 degree timbers mitred into a rail on the wall.

#7 Clad the roof

#8 Clad the side panels using T&G and fixing with GRIP fill and clamps.

#9 Add mouldings around the exposed frames.

#10 Paint and stand back to admire 🙂

~ Matt Williams, United Kingdom

Jules Yap