Now you see it, now you don’t potty chair

Materials: Stefan chair, additional seat panels

Description: My grandmother lives in an old house in Malacca, Malaysia without upstairs plumbing. I hacked the Stefan chair to build her a potty that looks like a regular chair.

It was quite easy, mainly because I stumbled across a bunch of extra seat pieces in the As-Is section for Singapore $1 each. I used them to make a raised section to hold the rim of the potty, a seat cover, and 3 panels for the side.

If I was to do it again, I would use a chair with arms, but Granny loves her new chair nevertheless.

Inspired by all the creativity on this website, I have done many other Ikea hacks over the years and will be submitting them soon, now that I have figured out how; in the meantime, many thanks Jules and do keep up the great work on this website!

~ mmscpsyh, Singapore