Princess Storage Without the Princess Price Tag

Materials: APA storage box

Description: Lately I have been drooling over the very expensive, and very few dress up storage garment racks on the market, but I didn’t want to spend $200 on furniture we’d only use for a few years. Meanwhile, I’d already been using an Apa storage box for dress up clothes when one day I realized, it might work great with a rack built-in!

The construction is simple- I screwed two 3-foot long 1×4’s into the inside panels of the toy box. Then I cut a dowel and screwed it between the two lengths of wood. Easy peasy! I used some pink hangers from the dollar store to add some cohesiveness (I like matching hangers) but didn’t need to paint, since the toy box also has unfinished wood trim.

Now we hang clothes on the rack and store purses, shoes and hats below. It takes up no more room than our toy box was taking, and makes for easy dress-up!

~ Sarah, United States