A Better Bench featuring Malm and Lack coffee table

IMG 4050 780759
IMG 4050 780759

Materials: MALM storage cabinet and LACK coffee table

Description: We combined a MALM storage unit and a LACK coffee table to make a bench with storage. To make this work we had to widen the coffee table by a few millimeters and flip the storage unit so that the lid is now the bottom.

The MALM storage unit and LACK coffee table are almost a perfect match. They are the same depth and the MALM is just a few inches shorter than the LACK table. The only problem is that the MALM is just a hair longer than the inner spacing of the LACK table.

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Luckily the LACK tabletop overhangs the legs by a few millimeter on each side, so we could widen it just enough to fit the MALM. We carefully drilled out the mounting holes in the legs just enough so that we could slide them outward, making it flush with the tabletop. This created enough room so that we could just barely slide the MALM into place.

Flipping the storage unit was pretty easy, we just laid the lid on the floor and moved the sliders from the top of the cabinet to the bottom side. The result looks like they were designed to go together.

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~ Ryan Burns, San Francisco

Jules Yap