Best Besta Built-In

Materials: besta storage unit, billy (or, LIKE billy) bookshelves, framing nails, pre-painted white trim pieces, screws, painters caulk, hand saw and miter box, spray paint (maybe) various lengths of: 2×4’s 1×12, 1×4

Description: First, measure the space you have to fill – I had wanted to use 2 besta units and 2 billy units, but the billy’s were too big, so I decided to use 2 besta units and 2 white bookshelves from target and filled in the spaces with 1x4s. Once you have your pieces from the store – go at the assembly as directed. If you are going to need to fill in spaces, remember it is hard to replicate a wood grain, so pick a solid color besta/billy/whatever.

Steps for installation:
1. Use the 2×4’s to create frames to place on the floor under the besta and bookshelves, this way I was able to add the trim to them and make them look more seamless. I used the hand saw and screws to make simple squares that just sit underneath and are small enough to hide but big enough to support what is on top of them.
2. Install the bookshelves and besta units on top of the 2×4’s, use the materials provided to attach them to the back wall securely – it’s a built-in, you will leave it there forever anyway – you can fill in the space between the pieces with 1×4 or 1×3 or whatever amount of space you need to fill.
3. I used screws to attach the 1x4s and filled up the gaps between the pieces, if you countersink them – it is easier to hide them, but you can paint them over and they aren’t too noticeable.
4. I cut trim for the top and bottom edges – running it from wall to wall and making sure it matched up with the current trim around the floor. Use framing nails to attach these to the shelving units
5. I cut the 1×12 to go over the top of the bookshelves in the middle for a pseudo “counter top” – I painted it with glossy black spray paint
6. Fill in holes, gaps, seams, etc with the painters caulk, and paint the 1x4s or spacers that you utilized so they all match the shelving units.
7. Step back and realize it looks like it has always been there!

See more of the Besta built-in.

~ naomi c