Bill-enno alcove storage

Materials: Billy, Benno

Description: Hi, everybody! Not a lot to this and unfortunately I didn’t take step-by-step photos, but I think it’s quite clear what went on.

Put simply, I built an 80cm Billy and attached it to the wall and used it with the glass doors for some time before deciding that additional storage would be useful.

The alcove that the Billy sits in is luckily the perfect depth for a Billy and a Benno to sit one behind the other, so I built four Benno towers and bolted them together before putting wheels on the bottom and then attaching that build to the front of the Billy, with four hinges, to function as a door.

The movement of the door is hindered by the pile of the carpet, but it could be fixed by raising the door and adjusting the wheels – but I haven’t got round to that yet. I could have put larger hinges on, but it’s stable enough without. The rope handle is simply fed through a hole in the side of the Benno where the middle, fixed shelf is.

Having taken the glass doors off the Billy, I put them on the front of the Bennos to finish it off and they could do with being sited a bit further back, but overall we’re happy – it fills the space available with useable storage!

Eoin, Hertfordshire, UK