Broder Shelf – Modern Steel Wall in 30 minutes!

Materials: Broder galvanized steel shelf X 10, drywall inserts, floral wire, drywall screws, screw hooks, measuring tape, level.

Description: This hack was inspired by my recent trip to the Ikea As-Is department. As seen in the images, I had an awkward shaped sloped wall behind my couch. This is problematic because my large canvas could not be centered! The goal: create a large modern metal wall that will still allow light to come through- oh, and NO construction!

Step 1- purchase 10 galvanized steel Broder shelves. (I got mine in the As-Is department for 1$ each! total steal!)

Step 2- (2 minutes) Measure your wall! These shelves measure 46″ X 14.5″. The goal was to cover the entire wall- so I measured accordingly and purchased what I needed to fill the wall. Lucky for me, the width and length were perfect for my space.

Step 3- (8 minutes) I drilled two holes on the ceiling above the awkward slant so I could descend my shelves (see image). I recommend using drywall inserts because these shelves can get heavy. I then screwed in two hooks, allowing me to hang the shelves using floral wire.

Step 4- (20 minutes) Hang your shelves! USE A LEVEL while hanging so all the shelves line up. While hanging shelves in front of the awkward slant I continued to use floral wire to connect my shelves… Attaching the top shelf to my ceiling hooks, second shelf to top shelf, then third to second. After this I was able to actually put screws into the wall and just hang the shelves directly. Make sure that the shelves are equally spaced from each other while hanging using a measuring tape.

Step 4- ADMIRE and ENJOY!

TIP- galvanized steel has the tendency to yellow/dull over time… prevent this with a clear acrylic coating that can be purchased at your local hardware store.

~ Amber Richter, Orange County, CA