Draisienne – the Frosta bicycle

Materials: Frosta stool

Description: This is a collaboration between Andreas Bhend (whose Frosta X and Z we love) and Samuel N. Bernier who has an impressive collection of 3D printed lampshades made to replace the flimsy Regolit lamp shade.

They came together to create the Draisienne and then realised how they had just put together a great “€œfather and son” project. Andreas says, “Building something as a team is one of the greatest feeling you’ll ever experience. It is even more important when done with a parent. Bernier still own a wooden plane he built with his grand father when he was only four. To make the wheels, the old man reused an old Tonka truck found behind the barn. That probably was the kid’s first experiment with upcycling. Objects that are hand made always carry a story. They are kept longer and often stay in the family. The act of making revives your self-esteem and gives you something to be proud of. To make is a therapy for the soul.”

Please find the whole manual here and the 3D models here.

~ Andreas Bhend, Switzerland

Jules Yap