Godvinudden Light

Materials: ENUDDEN Towel Rack, GODVIN Leg, HEMMA cord set, SPARSAM bulbs

Description: We just moved in to a new apartment in Nashville and I needed to set up some quick lighting for my office using some Ikea odds and ends we’ve accumulated.

I had some Hemma cords that had been hung from the ceiling in our last place – but we have 14′ unfinished loft here and no ladder to boot – so I needed something within reach of me tip-toeing on a wobbly chair.

I’m not entirely sure why, but we had a 5th Godvin leg laying around, as well as a few bathroom accessories we picked up at an Ikea on the drive down south but didn’t end up having a use for when we got here.

So – throw em all together and you’ve got the Godvinudden light.

Super easy.

1. line up the Enudden towel rack on the Godvin legs widest side (they’re the same width) the towel rack has 2 pre-drilled mounting holes use those to mark where to drill into the leg.

2. pre-drill the holes in the leg to make room for whatever screws you have handy – I had a couple sheetmetal screws that worked just fine.

3. screw the two together and voila.

I mounted the fixture as high as I could on the wall and strung up the Hemma cords as pictured.

Nothing fancy – table leg and towel rack, but it does the job.

~ Ben Krebs, Nashville