Kitchen Cover Panels for Media Center wall

Materials: Cover panel for high kitchen cabinets, and two horizontal kitchen cabinets

Description: I started out by taping the outline of where I wanted to mount the cover panel. In order to have the cabling for the TV hidden behind the panel, I screwed 1½” strips of lumber vertically into the wall studs the entire width of the panel. The cover panel was then screwed onto the lumber strips. For stability, I used many screws behind where the TV would ultimately be. The only visible screws were placed in the four corners, and the screw heads hidden by hot-gluing decorative buttons over them. The flat-screen TV mount was then screwed onto the panel, a hole cut through the panel for the cables, and finally the TV was attached.

The cabinets below are two horizontal kitchen cabinets, with cover panels added to the top and sides. 8″ legs, spray-painted black, were added to the bottom of the cabinets, and the two cabinets screwed together. And I’m happy to report that the remote control works through the frosted glass!

~ David, Minnesota

Jules Yap