Kvissle Boom Box

Materials: Kvissle Cable Management Box

Description: I wanted to build small amplified loudspeakers that can be used in the kitchen together with the iPhone. The goal was to keep the design as simple as possible, only stereo audio and power inputs but in a nice cabinet.

I ordered a cheap 2 * 10 watts stereo amplifier kit. It took about an hour to assemble and was really fun. I decided to go with an external power supply, due to the limited space in the box. Thanks to the local salvation army’s flea market I found a cheap laptop power supply that fitted perfectly. I used Visatons FRS 8 M and build a box of 12mm mdf wood that fitted in the Kvissle.

Don’t expect deep bass, definitely nothing for house lovers, but the box sounds surprisingly well.

~ bernhard steiner, Sweden