Open wardrobe

Materials: Expedit 5×1, Dröna black, Stuva Grundlig, Ledberg

Description: I had a built-in wardrobe with large wood doors.

• I took it apart, stripped all off the wood in order to make a compartment inside the wall.
• I then placed wooden flooring to continue the existing flooring of the bedroom.
• The walls were also painted white and prepared for lightning on the ceiling.

• I hanged a 5×1 white Expedit with a small stainless tube to reinforce it.
• Then I placed white board in several asymmetric positions and the Stuva Grundlig beneath them.
• On the top shelf I put some Dröna boxes, and above it all installed 2 Ledberg sets.

I’m very happy with the result as I gained space in my room and made it prettier.

~ Diana Marques, Porto, Portugal