Pax Fill-In-Shelves

Materials: Godmorgon Wall cabinet, Pax Shelves, hanger bolts, circular saw

Description: I wanted to fill the gap between our to Godmorgon Wall cabinet with some shelves.
The local hard ware store didn’t provide any board that would fit to the black-brown cabinet corpus. By chance i found out that the Pax-Series used the same veneer as the Godmorgon bath series, so i could use the shelves from the Pax wardrobe.

To make the mounting invisible I doweled two hanger screws into the wall by temporarily locking two nuts on the fine winding. Then I cut the boards to the right dimensions and drilled holes the same diameter as the hanger screws into the left side of the shelves, hoisted the shelves onto the screws and put two wood screws per shelf through the side of the wall cabinet. So there are no visible parts the mounting what creates a very clean and tidy look.

~ Thomas Krechel, Germany