Sconce Shade For A Bare Bulb

Materials: 1-Variera Shelf Riser, 2-lamp shade liners from Arstid Floor Lamp, Sharpie, scissors, straight edge or metal ruler, hole puncher, hot glue gun and hot glue sticks

1. Create a template of the shade liner using one of the legs of the shelf riser. The ultimate shape will be a rectangle with the corners notched out. This liner will fit inside the leg.

2. Cut out the template and trace on the shade liner to create a second liner for the other leg.

3. To make the liner for the bottom of the sconce shade, use a similar approach using the shelf itself (not the leg).

4. Fold in the “tabs” of the shade liners and do a dry fit of the liner by inserting into the inside of the leg frames. Trim tabs and shade for a better fit, if necessary.

5. Mark where the holes on the legs are and hole punch the shade liner at the markings. These are the holes for the screws to mount the shade into the wall.

6. Insert the shade liner back into the leg frames and affix the tabs to the legs with a hot glue gun.

7. Screw the legs into the wall first, making note of how far apart they need to be spaced for the shelf.

8. Pop on the shelf, then pop in the bottom shade liner. I didn’t need to hot glue this into place as it stayed just fine, but you can if you want. *Note: The top of the sconce shade remains open to allow for ease of light bulb change.

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~ M of Redesigned By M, Vancouver, BC