The pillow is not just under your head: Cushioned headboard with little money

Materials: GOSA SLÅN pillows (amount of you choise), fabric, sewing machine, support rod(s), supplies to hang

Description: Ikea is great and inexpensive supply store that I once again used for my project. The project started when I got the desire to have a huge tall headboard. I also wanted the headboard to be light weight and easily moveable. Couple months after, I saw pictures where a headboard was made from plain pillows. How to combine this with reasonable money to make my huge 220cm x 280cm headboard? Ikea! Ikea GOSA SLÅN pillow are very cheap way to make the cushioned style and do not weigh a lot. Why use GOSA SLÅN pillows instead of decocushions? In GOSA SLÅN there is much more filling than in some decocushions and the price is cheap too.

The pillows were inserted to fabric covers which had own individual pocket for every pillow. It is like doing cushion cover that eats more than one pillow. After making the fabric cover and inserting the pillows, I hung the whole thing with a rod to a gallery wall art hanging system. For my headboard I used 25 pillows and white sateen.

Hints to follow:
– Measurements: Remember that the fabric cover needs to be wider without the pillows than the measurement you are after. After placing the pillows, the measurements goes narrower because the puffiness of the pillow.
– The measurement in one pocket in my case was about 35cm x 45 cm.
– Pockets can be closed with buttons or safety pins.
– If you use support rod, remember to make own pocket for the rod also (like in curtains). In very tall headboards, support rod could be used also on the sides.
– To get the finish look, you might need, for example, safety pins to adjust excess fabric between pillows, especially at the sides.
– The fabric cover could be made also from pillow covers sewn in together. But in most cases, using fabric is more inexpensive.
– Hang the way it is the most suitable for you. Hanging the headboard with/to a curtain rod is also one way to make impact.
– PS. GOSA SLÅN are great also for using them as inner cushions for deco cushions.

More pictures in my blog.

~ Johanna, Finland