Materials: Tjusig Shoerack x 3, Kvarnvik box x 2, mdf, extra brackets, nails and jigsaw

Description: I needed somewhere to put a lot(!) of shoes, odds and ends and still look good in my hallway. Thought of making something with the Tjusig bench but it wasn’t the same width as the shoe rack.

1. Assemble the Tjusig shoe racks, the bottom one is upside down to make a higher space for boots, the top one doesn’t have the top pipes on for the same reason.

3. You only get three brackets so you need to get some extra to keep it sturdy.

2. A friend helped me build a mdf box which fitted the Kvarnvik boxes. We drilled holes in the top of the poles and in the bottom of the box to attach it. This means you can demount it if moving.

Put in the Kvarnvik boxes and you have some lovely drawers! Done!

~ Åsa & Wille, Sweden

Jules Yap