Tractor bed

Materials: Mydal bunk bed

Description: My almost 4 year old is crazy about tractors…New Holland ones, to be precise. The only thing he wished for for his upcoming birthday was a blue tractor bed. I researched some tractor beds online and found a John Deere tractor bunk bed which I revamped a bit and turned into this tractor bed, complete with scoop, cab, and play space underneath. We plan on fitting a platform on the bottom slats for a secret hide-out for him.

I sawed the legs down a little so the bed wouldn’t be so high. I jigsawed a cab and a scoop out of plywood, put it together, and spray painted it. We added push lights as head lights, a license plate personalized with his name and upcoming age, and added some plywood tires. I added arms for the scoop.

He’s very happy with his birthday gift. We just have to add his mattress on top and the plywood platform on the bottom slats.

~ Cindy, Ontario, Canada

Jules Yap