Vintage inspired Aneboda wardrobe

Materials: Aneboda wardrobe

Description: We couldn’t afford a new wardrobe so we decided to transform our old Aneboda one.

This is how we did it:

1. Firstly we took off the doors from the wardrobe as well as the handles and hinges.
2. Then we removed the plastic panels on the doors by pushing and bending slowly.
3. The space where the panels were was wood-colour, so we painted in white.
4. After this, with a pair of pliers and using one of the panels as template, we cut the chicken wire net in the same size.

5. Once ready, the chicken wire was inserted in the space of the doors. We didn’t need to use any glue or anything else to keep the wire in place as we initially thought. Once in place, they fitted perfectly and did not move.
6. Then, we made the curtains using our fabric of choice and a sewing machine. The size of the fabric was double the size of the panels to create the wave effect.
7. The curtains were hanged using wire and hooks on the top and bottom of the inside of the doors.
8. Finally we replaced the handles with a pair of ceramic knobs and decorated with some tassels.

We hope you like it!

~ Arantxa and Carlos, London