Alang Lampshade Swaparoo

Materials: Alang Table and Wall Lamps

Description: Once you get the parts, this hack takes about 30 seconds. And you’ll need 1 reducing washer per lamp.

Essentially, I liked the Alang wall lamp but wanted the gray shade from the table lamp instead of the smaller white shade that is the only one available on the wall lamp. The issue is that the shades mount differently on each lamp and will wobble if you don’t secure them

1) Assemble both lamps as you normally except for the bulb.

2) Use a reducing washer found in the electrical section of your home renovation center. I went to Home Depot.

3) On the wall lamp, put the shade on the metal bracket.

4) Use the reducing washer between the shade metal ring and the standard plastic ring that came with the lamp. Replace bulb.

5) You can also use the smaller white wall lamp shade on the table lamp.

6) Just assemble the lamp without the shade, then rest the wall lampshade on the top of the socket for the bulb.

7) Use the same reducing washer and place it between the bulb and the socket. Screwing in the bulb will hold the shade in place. I used Ikea bulbs and they worked fine.

~ Steve, Charlotte NC

Jules Yap