Materials: AKURUM kitchen wall cabinet + LINNMON table top + cover panel

Description: We needed a dining table and home office desk in a very small area. Also needed storage space for office that wouldn’t look cluttered.

Bought AKURUM kitchen WALL CABINET in the wood finish that matched existing furniture. We chose the 30″ high X 39″ wide cabinet and assembled it and sat it on the floor as the base of the table/desk. We could have bought short legs or built a base to raise it up higher, but chose not to because our existing stools were the right height to leave it as-is.

If you want to install doors to hide the shelves, you WILL need legs or a base for it so that the bottom edge of the doors will be off the floor. This wall cabinet has many holes pre-drilled for adjustable shelves so we bought 2 pairs of shelves that fit the entire width and installed them where we wanted (pegs are included with shelf purchase).

We bought a “cover panel” from the selection of cabinet doors and cover panels that also matched the existing furniture – we glued that on the back side of the cabinet since that side normally mounts on the wall and is not “finished”.

There are several finishes to choose from. In order to be the right size, we bought one that had to be turned sideways and then we sawed off one edge that would be up against the wall, so it didn’t need to be a “finished” edge. There are several sizes of wall cabinets and several sizes of doors or cover panels, so find the size and color you want.

Next, we found a LINNMON table top in black-brown that matched our stools (several colors are available). The size we choose for our space was about 24″ X 48″ and we placed that on top and positioned it where we wanted (a little more overhang on one side worked for us).

We attached it by drilling up through the top of the “cabinet” with wood screws. You can’t see in the picture, but for an added effect, we installed a strip of Ikea’s LED lights under the overhang on the finished side of the breakfast bar/desk. Perfect for home office and perfect for dining – fits in a very small space and the shelf contents stay hidden from view.

~ Rebecca & Manny, Orange Co. CALIF

Jules Yap