Floating Ikea horizontal cabinet on soffit

Materials: AKURUM Wall cab horizontal w glass door, birch, RAMSJÖ red-brown, PERFEKT RAMSJÖ Contoured deco strip, red-brown , a matching extra door same number as cabinets, L-Brackets from hardware store, Pencil, Level, 2 in screw, drill, miter saw or box, impact drill and hand saw.

Description: Ok first, the top and bottom panels of your cabinet frame has a lip on the back. Saw these lips off using a straight edge such as a 4 ft level. Attach the level using clamps. Saw the lips off to make an even flat backing. Now build your cabinet frame using all steps in the instructions but skip the first step of attaching the angle bracket for hanging the frame to the wall and where you nail the backing onto the frame. Remember you will not be hanging this to the wall.

Now sand the back of the frame because it will be a bit rough. Then I stained the back of the frame. I used a red mahogany stain as I had the red brown doors but use whatever will match your finish to touch up the back of your frame.

Now decide where you will hang your cabinet make sure to find the 2x4s in your soffit. Mark your placement. Now using those marks measure and cut your contour decor strip. I had two cabinets so I took the full measurement of the two cabinets to make my cuts on the decor strip.

You will be screwing your decor strip into the 2x4s of the soffit so drill guide holes. Your guide holes should be a bit smaller than your screw so your screws can grab the decor strip well. Also have a screw every 6 to 8 inches apart.

Now drill your decor strips to the 2x4s in your soffit. Now pre drill your cabinet the way you drilled your decor strip. A thicker diameter screw will work well and a metallic finish will look better than a normal black screw. Now with another person helping you (which I did not have. lol)

Match up the frame to the decor strips and drill that frame into the decor strip. Six screws work well 4 near each corner and 1 in the middle of the front and the back. That puppy should be in there good. Repeat the steps for multiple hanging cabinets and make the even with each other. Now install your doors.

You should have a cabinet with a door on one side and a open side. Install L brackets to your cabinet frame at the top and bottom about 5inches always from the left and right frames. Now have your helper hold your your door and make sure it is square with the cabinet.

The door will not be flush with any of the sides as it is 1/8 of an inch smaller on all sides. Do your best 😉 Now mark the holes from the L Bracket onto the door pre drill into the door where you made your marks. drill about 1/8 of an inch down. Now have your helper hold the door up, line up the holes and bam screw that extra door in place.

Now its time for your cover panel. Do this as normal. Look at the pics for reference on the panel. Well that’s it folks this voids the warranty so make sure you mount this bad boy correct so that it doesn’t fall and break all your stuff.

You will be out your plates or glasses and a cabinet. Hope this helps. Oh one last thing you can use any door as long as it is the same size as your front door.

~ Nethaneel Hernandez

Jules Yap