From dining table to kitchen bench

Materials: BJURSTA extendable dining table

Description: when I restyled my kitchen, I converted my BJURSTA table into a kitchen bench. But you can also make this for the hallway near to your wardrobe, easy to sit on while putting on your shoes. In that case the storage under can be used for other shoes.

– for this bench you need the 2 small 30/90 parts (to extend the table)
– the four legs
– all screws and construction parts
– the construction between the tabletop and the legs.
– some other screws and 4 metal corners

1. Unscrew the whole table. Use all screws and construction parts again.(Remember the construction of the legs to table top, because you have to do this again).

2. Take the 2 small table tops. Deconstruct all parts and use the table tops only.

3. Saw the legs to the height you want. Saw them from the bottom, because you need the construction on the top.

4. Saw the construction between the tabletop and the legs in the width of <30 cm. 5. On one side the 90 cm length will follow the construction as it was. You can use all screws and construction parts as it was. 6. On the other 90 cm side you have to carve a new slot in the construction between the table top and the legs. This is easy to make with a saw and a carve. You know what I mean when you deconstructed the table. 7. construct the other side. 8. Construct the table top on the construction. (follow the ikea instructions!) 9. Construct the legs. 10. Saw four corners out from the other small table top, in order to fit between the four legs. 11. You will need other screws and metal corners. 12. To finish the bench I used an unused wooden winerack and two wooden boxes. ~ elsbeth dijkstra, amsterdam

Jules Yap