Granite Coffee Table with EXPEDIT Wall shelf and Lack granite top sofa table

Materials: EXPEDIT Wall shelf, BLADIS Baskets, FIXA Stick-ons, Lack sofa table

Description: Simple ‘Hack’. I was looking for something to support a granite slab for a coffee table which I got from a granite supplier ‘bone yard’ at a 75% discount – $150. I found the IKEA EXPEDIT cubes which were the perfect height and used the BLADIS wicker storage cubes for magazines and remote controls.

Also by placing the cubes on two corners this allowed for leg room under the table in the corner of the sectional. I also used the FIXA stick-ons to protect the cubes. Total cost of IKEA products $75 – total $225. Interior designer friend said it would sell for $1,000 at a high end furniture store.

I paid only $60 for this sofa table sized beautiful granite piece and in looking for a way to support it I ran across the IKEA LACK Sofa Table $30 – perfect fit – $90 total. An interior design friend thought I paid at least $500 for it. Oh yes – I put IKEA FIXA Stick-on floor protectors on the bottom of the granite to protect the table top.

~ Robert Youngberg, Denver