Kitchen cart/sideboard

Materials: HEMNES secretary desk add-on unit, 2 LAMPLIG chopping boards, casters

Description: I scored a HEMNES secretary desk add-on unit in the As-Is section, and picked up a couple of LAMPLIG chopping boards.

I assembled the HEMNES add-on unit as directed, which, without the secretary desk part, leaves the top open. I decided to install the back panel backwards so the dark finish shows on the rear of the unit, that way I can move the cart around the kitchen without worrying about an ugly backside showing.

Next I installed locking casters on the bottom. Then, I attached the two LAMPLIG chopping boards to the top with L-brackets, and voila! A moveable kitchen cart/sideboard with lots of storage. I even got a couple of stools so I have more seating as well!

~ Jennifer, Massachusetts

Jules Yap