Riveting Ply PELLO Recliner

Materials: IKEA PELLO Armchair, Sheet of Marine ply, Pop rivets, Enamel spraypak (optional)

Description: My neighbour was throwing out a very worn and torn up Ikea recliner, but the bones were good and I just wanted to try and revive it.

With a bit of thought, patience and a good set of clamps I was able to clad the ply to the original steel frame with rivets.

In the middle I overlapped strips of ply to get the curve and strengthen the back similar to a closed venetian blind. There is also a single 10mm timber slat on the underside of the base to hold your weight.

I also wanted to inject some color so taped up the original timber sides and sprayed a bright orange over the rest.

Oh and you will need to to notch out the original arms to allow for the overhang of the ply or it won’t go back together.

So for around $10 for the ply, $6 for the rivets I’ve got a pretty cool and comfy chair. Hope you guys like it.

~ Joe, Melbourne Aus